SiteDocs Digital Safety Management System

Milkish Oaks Inc.(MOI),has arelationship with SiteDocs, a Canadian company, which has aDigital SafetyManagement Systemthat we are marketing and raising awareness of in ourRegion.

SiteDocs allows you to go paperless withyour safety management program and eliminates the challenges, headaches, andwasted time that are common when using paper safety forms.In short, it makesmanaging your safety program easier, faster and better.

  • SiteDocs is a complete DigitalSafety Management System using phones, tablets and the web.
  • Workers can access & completesafety documents onsite from their mobile device and documents are theninstantly uploaded and stored securely online.
  • Safety managers can login to their account online to view forms andmonitor safety activities in real-time.

Our MOI team has experience in Health and Safety,Information Technology and WorkSafeNB and believes SiteDocs capability /functionality will be of benefit to you.

MOI believes that going paperless is theinevitable future of safety management and truly thinks that SiteDocs is thebest company and application to help make that switch as smooth and painless aspossible.

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